It’s nearly Flu season and we’ve brought together some disgusting facts which could be true for your office! More often than not your office will generally look quite clean, but look closer and things change dramatically. Just how good is your office cleaning service?

Be warned, the following facts might make your skin crawl. Did you know that the average office desk has more than 400 times the amount of bacteria than on your toilet? Or that the area you rest your hands on your desk could be home to over 10,000,000 bacteria!

We’ve put together some helpful tips to keep you and your office healthy this Flu season.

  • Try to sanitise surfaces regularly
  • Even though it sounds simple, wash your hands often
  • As easy as it is, try not to eat at your desk
  • And the most important is to stay at home if your sick, or risk the whole office getting ill

Check out the full infographic below for the dirty facts on your office.



How Clean is your office infographic

Here’s a quick summary of wha to take away from this infographic:

  1. The average desk has 400x more bacteria than a toilet
  2. The area where you rest your hand on your desk has 10,000,000 bacteria
  3. Men’s desks have 20% more bacteria, on average, than women’s
  4. Telephones hold up to 25,127 microbes per square inch

Whats the most dirty in your office?

  1. 91% of sink faucets are classed as dirty
  2. Along with 69% of fridge handles and keyboards, 51% of desk phones and 48% of coffee pots

How to protect against germs in the office.

  1. Wipe down surfaces regularly
  2. Wash your hands often
  3. Stay at home if you’re ill
  4. Try not to eat at your desk
  5. Have your office professionally cleaned

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