Our Employees

At Maxim FM, we firmly believe that our staff are our greatest asset. It is well documented that a happy workforce is a productive one, and we understand that as a customer you want to be associated with an ethical employer. With this in mind, we have developed a staff welfare programme that we believe to be one of the best in the industry.

Employee Training

We recognise that our most valuable asset is our workforce and we are committed to the on-going training and development of our staff. We believe that effective training and development helps us to attract and retain high quality people, and support them in reaching their full potential and build capabilities necessary for them to succeed in an ever changing and challenging environment.

Our overall objectives are:

  • To maximise the potential of all staff in terms of productivity, job satisfaction and career aspirations.
  • To ensure the needs of management succession are satisfied in line with company strategy.
  • To attract and retain high quality people.

In addition to company directors, managers and supervisors being responsible for the implementation of this policy, the company expects all employees to take an active role in managing their own career development.

In support of this the company has created a performance management system that gives opportunity for feedback on a formal and informal basis which forms the basis for discussion based on performance, skills and aspirations.

Valerie being awarded a £150 Amazon voucher by Juliet Conway

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee satisfaction surveys open the lines of communication with employees and offer an effective way for them to provide honest feedback. We see employee satisfaction as key to client satisfaction, and carry out surveys on a 6 monthly basis. The results of which are collated and reviewed by the board of directors and used to monitor progress against our key HR objectives.

In our most recent survey 78% of respondents said they ‘would definitely recommend a friend or colleague to apply for a position at Maxim’, and we continued to make substantial improvements in employee scores in 6 out of the 7 topics surveyed.

Employee Long Service Awards

Employees achieving long service is something we like to recognise at Maxim Facilities Management. Here is Finance Manager Jill Cutts and Contracts Manager Sue Roberts receiving recognition of their 20 years at Maxim.

Employee Awards

At Maxim FM, we understand that sincere thanks never grow old. Ongoing, meaningful rewards and recognition provide an effective way of raising morale and encouraging higher levels of performance. With this in mind we have developed our Employee Awards Programme.

At operative level, employees are recognised via an Employee of the Month Award. This recognises employees who have gone the extra mile within their role, and nominations are made from both managers and clients. Nominations are then reviewed at director level within Maxim FM and if successful, nominees receive a letter from the managing director and a monetary bonus. At Head Office Level, employees are recognised in the same way via an Employee of the Quarter Award.

Our Employee Awards Programme has proven to be a huge success with both staff and clients alike.