Flu season is upon us, and even the most dedicated of germophobes have been following the news about flu outbreaks carefully. If you have a lot of faith in your immune system, or even if you have already gotten a flu vaccine this season, you can help prevent the employees in your office from getting the flu.  Lots of people say, and perhaps genuinely think, that they have the flu when what they really have is just a bad cold.  Real influenza can cause even the healthiest people to miss more than a week of work, and lost productivity is the very last thing you need during the Christmas season.  These are some ways that you can prevent the spread of the flu at your office this winter.


Flu Vaccines


Managers at offices should encourage the employees they supervise to get flu vaccines.  Of course, it is a good idea to get a flu vaccine yourself.  In some professions, such as healthcare and professions where workers frequently come into contact with children too young to be vaccinated, employees may be required to get a flu vaccine.  If your company does not have a policy that requires workers to be vaccinated, there is little you can do to pressure employees to get a vaccine.  If a fraction of the employees have taken the vaccine, it will still help in limiting the spread of the flu.  Remember that flu viruses change quickly, so that last year’s vaccine will not be effective against this year’s flu virus.  If you were vaccinated last year, you will need a new vaccine in order to be protected this year.


Office Cleaning for a Flu-Proof Office


The office cleaning and cleanliness practices that help stop the spread of the flu virus are the same ones that help stop the spread of other infectious diseases.  Employees should wash their hands frequently with soap and water and use alcohol-based hand sanitizers to kill bacteria and viruses, including flu viruses. An excellent idea to help stem the spread of bacteria is to install large dispensers of hand sanitizer in high traffic areas of your office, you can ask your commercial cleaning company to do this. Employing a professional office cleaning company can also help kill germs and prevent the spread of the flu.


Employees should avoid touching their eyes, nostrils, and mouths after making physical contact with others, such as by shaking hands or handing papers or money to each other.  Avoiding directly touching door knobs is another way to avoid the spread of germs.


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