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In many cases business owners or facilities managers view cleaning services purely as a cost.. In reality the benefits of a clean, sanitary, and healthy environment benefits the workforce and the business as whole in a number of different ways. Through boosting productivity of the workforce and potentially improving the health of the employees, cleaning services can make an indirect but significant contribution to an organisation.


One of the foremost benefits of a clean and clutter-free environment is an improvement in employee productivity. By providing a pleasant and fresh workspace while at the same time ensuring that desks are clear and clean, employees will be better equipped to perform at their optimum level. Conversely, a dirty and ill-kept environment may have a negative impact on employee morale. A new study by Florida State University found that a dirty working environment can have a long-term cognitive effect on employees. The study found that men and women who had jobs that exposed them to a dirty working environment saw a cognitive decline. More often than not, the same members of staff will end up cleaning up after others, fuelling squabbles and heightening tension amongst workers. By creating an inviting place to work, employees will be more motivated at work and as a result, be more productive.

First impressions

There is no doubting that first impressions count. It’s something we believe very strongly in and with every business we work with we ensure that the first impression created is an outstanding one. When showcasing your business to prospective clients it is essential that the right message is conveyed. Many organisations overlook the importance of  the appearance of their facilities and this reflects on the quality of their products and services just as strongly as it does on their brand reputation. Deals can be made or broken on the initial impression and creating an environment that echoes your company’s values can go a long way in forming a long lasting positive impression.

Health in the workplace

Are you confident that your facilities are clean? Don’t be so sure. An infographic we produced recently highlighted some surprising facts when it comes to the cleanliness of workplaces. Did you know that the average desk harbours over 400x bacteria than a toilet? Germs in the office can have a massive effect on employee health and a report carried out by the accountancy giant PwC found that absences related to sickness cost UK business £29 billion every year. With some cold and flu viruses surviving on surfaces such as keyboards and desks for up to 72 hours it is essential that these surfaces are sanitised regularly. By minimising the amount of germs and bacteria in the workplace businesses can vastly reduce the risk of illness amongst workers. With this is mind we recommend sanitising surfaces regularly, placing hand sanitiser in easy to access places and encouraging employees not to come to work if they are ill.

By taking all of this into account and considering the benefits arising from improved workforce productivity and employee health, which in turn can lead to improved customer satisfaction, it is easier to understand the hidden value behind proper cleaning provision. Ultimately, it is  the responsibility of the cleaning provider to work in partnership with the client to implement a full and comprehensive cleaning strategy in order to realise the full potential of professional cleaning services.

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