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We’re delighted to announce the unveiling our brand new website, reaffirming our focus on innovation and, as ever, providing exceptional experiences for our customers.

The new website aligns our online presence with our core values, reflecting our ability to deliver exceptional first impressions.

The launch comes at an exciting time for the company. The past two years have seen significant growth for Maxim and highlights the increasing demand for forward thinking facilities management services in an ever evolving market. The new website heralds in 2016 for Maxim and we believe will prove to be a catalyst for further expansion in the coming year.

Reflecting upon the past twelve months has allowed us to realise the increasing challenges faced, not only by us, but also our customers. As part of our quest to seamlessly improve our service offering for our customers we will be launching our updated Customer Portal in the coming weeks. The new portal will feature a revamped user interface with live quality audit scores on our customer’s sites, allowing for real time monitoring of how we are performing.

We thoroughly believe the new technology will provide a huge benefit to our existing and new customers.

Graham Conway, Managing Director said ‘we are very pleased to see the launch of our new website, this will allow us to bring further benefits to our customers, particularly with the soon to be released customer portal. This is a reflection of our desire to constantly improve our customer experience’.

We would love to hear any feedback you have on our new site! Please submit any comments or suggestions here. Alternatively, email us at


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